Bird bird bird, bird is the word

Apollo the cat
4th March 2023

Hopefully I haven't given you an ear worm with the subject title!

It's the beginning of March here in Ireland and a time when the birds are starting to nest. The morning chorus is getting louder and louder too. I came across this great identification poster that was kindly shared by the Cork branch of Birdwatch Ireland. It takes pride of place on the coffee table overlooking the garden each Spring as we try to i.d. what we have in our garden.

Here is their website where you can lots more info on events, getting involved and how to help our wild birds.

Something to consider is keeping sections of your garden, if you have one, wild to provide much needed refuge for insects, bees and wildflowers which all in turn help the birds too. Also, if a cat owns you (if you are a cat "owner" you get what I mean!) perhaps consider a bell on their collar to give the birds a heads up on these amazing predators. Apollo has managed to keep his on for a while now. Get the collars that have elastic included in their make up and then, if they get caught up in anything the cat can easily get out of the collar.

Apollo seen here modelling his bell collar and saving birds lives in the process! He doesn't even know it.

Apollo the cat

Apollo has owned Brenda and Goulwen since August 2022 when he arrived with the help of a neighbour who found him but couldn't keep him as they have a dog who likes cats too much. They later found out that he had travelled nearly 3 km across country (having been kicked out of his house by his feral mother) much to the dismay of Lucy the Potter who had thought the mother cat had done away with him - there were tears, followed by Brenda asking "do you want him back?". Brenda is now glad that everything has worked out now and is very happy, along with Goulwen, to be Apollos servants forever more.