Creating a May Altar

Brenda Rock
May 2021

When I was a young girl I absolutely loved May for the making of a May Altar. Being brought up a catholic it was generally an altar made with Mary, the mother of Jesus, in mind. I loved picking the flowers and asking mum for a fancy tablecloth to use (being told I had to mind it!). Setting up a space in the house for it and then keeping an eye on it everyday with fresh flowers.

I lost all of that when I got older and now as I continue on my life journey it is something I am coming back to. Around our house I have different altars set up, something I have been doing unbeknownst to myself almost. I have one in a lovely white tray with a photo of my dear dad, a small buddha statue, some twigs and pines cones, candle with a saint on it that I picked up in a church in France, some affirmations written on paper and an amulet bag which holds a feather, a stone and a heart. When I look at this it reminds me of things I love and that are important to me. I have another one on my kitchen window sill with a mantra written in stone, and trinkets from places loved ones have visited and when I look at this it reminds me of all the places I have visited or would like to visit.

An altar is usually thought of as a space that evokes a sense of reverence, sacredness or spirituality. But it may contain items that make us feel good or remind us of joy. It doesn’t have to be a completely serious affair. I have a fairy garden tea cup that I made with my niece in a place that reminds me not only of her but of playfulness, creativity and joy. 

An altar is a great anchor if you have it placed in a room where you reflect, meditate or do yoga. It might even be a space where you go to read or relax. It sets a tone for the energy of the space and serves a reminder for focus. 

In feng shui it is good to bring some of the beauty of nature into the home so a plant or flowers are great to use and this time of year the wild flowers are abundant and a reminder of the abundance of nature as she moves through the cycles of life. Some people put crystals on them or use opulent fabric. Other elements of nature can include shells, stones, leaves. A candle or favourite statue that can bring comfort and peace. You can have as many as you like and get super creative doing so too. 

"Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun."
- Kahlil Gibran

Brenda Rock