Finishing Last and Lessons Learned

Brenda Rock
August 30th 2021

The children going back to school reminds me of a time when I was about 10 or 11 years old. I had entered a cross country race in the regional athletics being held at our very own Slane Castle grounds.

I had loved athletics and the day was a good one for running a race.

Something happened me though that day.  I can't remember if it was an asthma attack or what but I started to find myself falling behind in the race until I was last. I can remember whoever was there, probably my parents and some siblings, egging me on and to keep going. It was hard. I did finish but I was last. That was more than likely the first time I had ever been last for anything. My confidence took a severe beating as a result.  I lost interest in sport then which was a shame.

Anyone who remembers me in secondary school will know that I would try all sorts of things to get out of PE class yet when I played any basket ball or camogie I enjoyed it. I think I stopped myself from doing these things for fear of failure.

Cut to now - there is a little piece of me that wishes I had kept going with sport. No regrets as life goes in the direction it goes. Maybe that is why I was drawn to yoga and sharing yoga? Apart from my mum being a yoga teacher also, there is a part of me that loves learning and experimenting with movement. The wonder of the human body.

I love watching people move - their strength, determination, willpower. Dance is another favourite of mine too. The fluidity, grace and emotion. It's in us all. I always feel, no matter how small, any movement is great.

And as for this not how we learn? How we get up and try again in a different way. Yoga was and is my different way of tuning into the marvel that is the body and our spirit that moves in it. I am glad I came last in the race, I might be a different person today otherwise.

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Brenda Rock