Flower Essences at Ananda Centre

Brenda Rock
27 april 2022

Flower essences are transformational instruments that help us reconnect with our actual selves using the nature around us. 

Nature has always provided the opportunity for deeper self-awareness and alignment. Stepping into nature makes it difficult to hang on to anger, hatred, or despair. We've all felt the difference in our being, especially over ht e last couple of years, when we spend time in nature, whether it's at the beach, in the woods, or in a garden. Nature serves as a reminder of our own essence. 

Working with the energy of plants and trees can help you reconnect with your natural self, your innate self, and provide support and guidance as you navigate life.

Using the 'vibrational' energy of flowers and plants, Dr Bach was one of the more well known to devise this innovative technique to healing. He created his own Back Flower Remedies of which Rescue Remedy is the most well-recognised mixture. He has paved the road for the usage of vibrational essences in practically every home!

What are Flower Essences and How Do I Use Them? 

Flower essences are vibrational medicines derived from nature's plantlife. In essence, they catch a flower's, plant's, or tree's life energy in water. 

Flower energy is simply put into a bottle. They can be taken orally, either straight from the dropper, mixed with water or juice, or smeared on food, or applied directly to the skin.

What are the benefits of flower essences? 

Flower essences are an old type of healing that has been prepared and used for thousands of years by indigenous societies. The ancients recognised that we are all part of nature. We must turn to the nature of our existence in order to bring healing to ourselves.

How do flower essences work? 

Flower essences work on the principle of resonance. When two fields of energy, the flower and you, collide and have an effect on each other, resonance occurs. Before humans came, the planet was covered in plants and trees, and we have always looked to plants for healing and medication. We can align ourselves to our own original blueprint, which is held by the plants, by using resonance.

Learn how to make your own flower essences.

A course of meditation, walking, creating and Yoga Nidra.

Come and join me for a time of creativity focusing in on our connection to flowers and the essence from them.

I help you to connect and collect your chosen plant. I will supply the information and a recorded meditation.

We will finish the course off with a deeply restful and refreshing recording Yoga Nidra specifically for the flower essences. 


Brenda Rock