Grianstad an Gheimhridh Winter Solstice

Brenda Rock

Beannacthai a Grainstad go leir - Happy Sun stop (winter solstice) 

The winter solstice. 

Today is a very special and potent day and night. The time just before we experience the longest night and our shortest day of the year here on the northern hemisphere - the winter solstice. After today we get a little more light as we begin another phase of the earths cyclical wisdom. 

Today is a day to honour our ancestors, our guides, Mother Earth, father sky, grandmother moon, grandfather sun and everyone in between! The powerful source of nature. 

It is definitely something we are aware of in our little country of Ireland. The ancient wisdom that has stood the test of time due to its connection to the land and landscape around us. How lucky are we that we still have this? 

Not for wanting to overshadow it we have had our fair share of punters not wanting us to feel this deep connection and longing. So it is so wonderful to see everyone wanting to celebrate this special day. I live very close to Newgrange which is the hub of solstice activity every year due to its exceptional architecture and capturing the first glimpse of the new light dawning. I feel blessed that we have always had an awareness of this significance in our home and locality. 

Some things to do to honour this time. 

  • Try see the sunrise this morning if the weather allows it. Drink your coffee or tea outside and take in the day. 
  • Think of any intentions you might have and feel them in your body as if they are already true and happening. Maybe write or draw about this. 
  • Take some time today to rest for 15 minutes. No tv or distractions. Listen to some relaxing music or a guided relaxation. Do nothing. 
  • Daydream. Just stare off into space and dream. Let your mind take you on an adventure. Look up to the sky for inspiration. Invite a childlike energy in and have some fun. 
  • Try and keep your language as positive as you can. ‘Watch your language’! It’s a potent day for intentions so be clear and affirming. One of my teachers used to say that we are allowed 30 seconds a day to complain or give out. Be mindful if this is hard to do as you might need a little help sorting out whatever is going on. 
  • Enjoy this special day. 

I have a special recorded guided relaxation journey where we go into the chamber of Newgrange, meet a bear and a hare and come back with maybe someone wisdom, insight or a sense of deep rest. Listen to it below -

Happy Solstice everyone. Let the light shine in. 

Brenda Rock

Brenda Rock is a Yoga Therapist, Breath and Wellness expert as well as a educator of Restorative, Nidra, Chair and Hatha Yoga. She is a specialist in Rest and Women's Health.