Mexican Wild Yam Cream

Brenda Rock

Mexican Wild Yam Cream and Menopause

Mexican wild yam cream can help support and maintain the balance of hormones during menopause.

Not to be confused with the sweet potato yam, wild yam is a vine like plant with a small white flower and grows  in Mexico, Central and South American countries.
The root, which contains the phyto chemical Diosgenin, is used in the making of this cream.

During menopause, estrogen and progesterone, which are produced in the ovaries, decline. However, they can be found in the adrenal cortex.  
Wild yam is a precursor for these hormones and stimulates the adrenal glands. It is NOT a hormone in a jar and has not undergone any lab process.

Milagro Wild Yam cream is purely Organic and does not contain parabens or other artificial additives.
Grapefruit seed extract is a natural preservative. It has not been synthesised in any way.

How to use wyc:

Apply a 1/4 to 1/2 tsp to the soft skin areas, ie. neck, inside arms, belly inner thighs, rotating each area daily. No need to use during a period.
If menstruation has ceased just stop using the cream for 4/5 days during the month.
Some women feel a relief from symptoms within a couple of weeks and for others it can take up 6 weeks, depending on the individual..we are all different!

If anyone has any questions regarding Wild Yam Cream and its use, call or text Evelyn and she'll be delighted to help.

Evelyn : 086 8727472

Contains: Purified water, stearic acid, almond oil, organic aloe vera, emulsifying wax, organic extracts of wild yam and vitex, oils of sunflower, grapeseed oil, coconut, and wheat germ, beeswax, vegetable glycerin, organic wild kudzu, grapefruit seed extract, orange blossom water, lavender essential oil, organic shea butter and xanthum gum.

Brenda Rock