Oak New Moon

Brenda Rock

In the Celtic Tree Calendar from today May 10th, we move from the Hawthorn and into the Oak - another of my favourites. We have a lovely big Oak tree in Littlewood close to us here at Ananda Centre and yes I have hugged it!! Hard not to really. Known as the King of the trees, you can get a sense of it's strength and presence when you stand under it.

It is not surprising either for anyone who is interested in Bach Flower remedies that it is taken to help with life struggles or when some strength is needed emotionally.
Here is a little bit on the Oak Bach Remedy https://www.bachcentre.com/en/remedies/the-38-remedies/oak/

The Oak can live to 1,000 years! It is often said we don't plant trees for ourselves but for those coming behind us. True for this tree - the majestic oak.

In Ireland St Brigid kept her perpetual fires burning at ‘Cill Dara’ (‘The Church of the Oak’) – a holy site under a large oak tree where a Celtic site to the goddess Brigid had previously been.

In Celtic times, the oak was often a centre piece in a village – and it was the custom for a couple to marry under an oak tree. It was a community tree and many meetings nd court would take place under its shelter.

This tree leads us to the turning point in the year - the summer solstice. The longest day and a time of celebration and merriment. Maybe some spiritual exploration or self realisation make take place at this time too.
What will you do to celebrate the Oak New Moon? And don't forget the New Moon is a powerful time to start setting new intentions of what you would like to see unfold for the month ahead. It is a time to rest before the solstice and the full moon. Oh a nice Yoga Nidra under an oak tree would be perfect! You might find me in Littlewood yet!

Brenda Rock