Resting on an island of Silver

Brenda Rock
13 Oct 2022

I stopped the glorification of busy a few years ago. I took the ‘B-word’ out of my vocabulary and it was a while before I felt comfortable telling people that I was not using the word ‘busy’. There is a negative connotation to the art of doing nothing, to resting or taking time out. We are made feel guilty if we are not running ourselves ragged with work and home life. I have had to make a few choices to be in the position I am in, some of them easier than others and I still have to remind myself to step back from time to time. Life can run away with us and it is good to be reminded that it is perfectly ok to do nothing sometimes. It is ok to just be.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that we give up on working, keeping the house clean and personal hygiene! Knowing when to step back and blend in with the ebb and flow of life is where Restorative yoga is at.

We live in an age of constant noise, chaos and interruption. We are finding it harder to switch off and recharge. We need a bit of stress in our lives or we would never get anything done but it is when this stress is never ending that problems arise. Our bodies and minds are in a state of constant go, the ‘fight and flight’ response. Our sympathetic nervous system has us geared up for whatever is coming at us next. This can wear us down and now more than ever we are seeing the effect of constant stress on people. It affects us physical, mentally and emotionally. When we take time to tune into our para sympathetic nervous system then our ‘rest and digest’ response happens. We become calmer, rested, think more clearly, breathe better, even digest our food better! This is what Restorative Yoga is essentially about. When are in a more centred place then life can throw what it wants at us and we may react from a more grounded perspective. But it is a practice like anything else and we are all still learning. 

That is why bringing my Rest and Restore practice to Silver Island is so exciting. I spent some time here a few years ago with my sister. We were helping out on the olive farm on the island that Lisa, Corne and Claire have. It was hard work and very rewarding. It gave me a chance to see how the guys work so hard behind the scenes to provide a once in a lifetime experience to people who come to stay on Silver Island. It is truly the best place to let the body and mind unwind with Restorative Yoga. 

On the retreat we will be exploring a gentle yoga practice, Hatha flow, breath work and meditations. Followed by supporting the body with bolsters and blankets into positions that will allow everything to just melt. Each session with finish with a different Yoga Nidra. A perfect way to restore and balance the body, mind, spirit.

Silver Island has some beautiful paths through the trees to either side of the island, perfect for nature walks or finding the perfect spot for meditation. You can join me in making a special flower essence just for you or learn some more about the plants and herbs native to the island and Greece. 

To be on an island that is surrounded by silver sea, magical walks that can give you feeling that you are the only one on the planet and eating wonderfully prepared fresh food is like a dream come true. Just what we all need to recharge and come away refreshed and ready to take on the world…or not! And that’s ok too.

Brenda’s Silver Island Rest & Restore week long retreat is a week every September. It is suitable for beginners and seasoned yogis alike.

See www.silverislandyoga or for more details on this wonderful week in the world’s only private island retreat nestled in the azure waters of the Aegean sea. 

Brenda Rock