Sturgeon Moon August 22nd and a big birthday thank you

Brenda Rock
August 27th 2021

I wanted to thank you all who joined me last Sunday (August 22nd) for the wonderful Full Moon celebration. She is still shining brightly as she moves into the last/third quarter before the new moon.

This is the time where we start to turn our awareness inwards. looking at ways to reflect and rest. Meditation can be a powerful tool at this time if you are needing any insight for future projects or endeavours. I find it is usually at this time ideas or solutions come up.

I have plenty of recorded meditations and yoga nidras (guided relaxation for rest and insight) on the Insight Timer app. They are free and all you have to do is download the app (free too). There are many great teachers sharing on this app too.

Here is the link and don't forget to review if you like them.

I mentioned the meditation I did on the morning of my birthday - it was a great way to start the day of gratitude for another 365 days around the sun x 50!!!!

Celebrate and Reflect on your Birthday....

The majestic River Boyne (Boann)

What a wonderful way to spend a few hours in peace and calm (along with lots of laughs) on a birthday.

was a great expereince and one I would totally recommend. In my 50 years on the planet I had never been on the Boyne before and I can't wait to get back on it again. A totally new perspective of the river and the wonderful nature abundant everywhere.

Finally, I am not as active on social media at present. I am having a moment with it where I feel myself kicking back at it a bit due to the noise, the pushing of selling and the pressure to get in line with all of that too. Remember, I am a puck 'rock' at heart so once things become too much the norm and all about sell sell sell then I am out! BUT fear not I am loving being back writing newsletters with proper content that people actually want to see and get something positive from. Yes, I will advertise my offerings this way but I won't be exhausted mentally trying to find ways of getting peoples attention amongst all the rest.

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I have a Yoga for anxiety at peri/menopause workshop and the Being Well group of online classes at the end of September.

Brenda Rock