The Alder Tree

Brenda Rock
May 2021

The Alder tree can usually be found close to water. In fact, it resists rot in water and, therefore, was used to make bridges, boats, clogs and milk jugs years ago. They are equally important for wetland ecology. They provide shelter for fish. Unusually for trees, they have both male and female flowers.

It encompasses all four of the elements: Being a tree it's natural element is Earth. Whistles and flutes made from alder link it to Air. It burns really well therefore making it a favourite of the ironsmiths working in the forge, and connecting it to Fire element. And lastly, it grows stronger in Water, in fact most of Venice is built on Alder trunks. What a fascinating tree!

The Alder tree supports and protects physically, emotionally and spiritually. It takes 30 years to reach maturity and can enrich poor soil. Alder pollen is a favourite of bees.

In the Celtic alphabet of the Ogham it is known as Fearne (also the name of my youngest niece) and it looks like this ᚃ .

It is a tree that represents balance, abundance and fertility.

Sometimes called the tree of the fairies.

Brenda Rock

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