The Queen of WInter

Welcoming in the time of stillness

Listening the Manchán Magan on a podcast last year and of course following up with his book (Thirty-Two Words for Field), it is easy to see why he is a big fan of the Cailleach. She is often represented as the old woman, the hag, the witch, the crone BUT she is much more than this wisen old woman that we are lead to believe has no use in a society that moves fast and is forever disposable! She is wise and very powerful. She has a deep connection with the earth and winter, death and decay, transcendence and transformation. Because she has lived her years she takes all this in her stride. But she has seen the good times and the bad times and holds both to be the very essence of who she is. A woman of power and experience - it is no wonder we have been lead to believe that this woman is scary - she can do anything!!!

Agism is a big thing in advertising still! It is changing a little but as always there are new ways to try to get us to part with our money for things that we may want but not really need. Jumping on the band wagon - I noticed the other day a shampoo with 'menopause' written into the blurb on the label. I though "here we go"! It is the new buzz word used by companies now - where have they been for the last how ever many years!! Ok, I realise I am now ranting. Like the time I saw a 'fifty shades of grey' baby grow - what could be a more fitting gift for your tiny child than a babygrow that references a book about BDSM? “I’m a result of my mommy reading Fifty Shades of Grey”, says one tiny outfit. Another proclaims: “My mommy pretends Christian Grey is my daddy”. Ha ha ha. Great fun. Perfect for parents who really want to alienate their friends and immediate family.

Maybe this is my inner Cailleach coming out? Enough of this BS she says.

Winter is her time to shine. She reminds us to slow down and conserve some energy. She teaches us to reflect and explore our inner selves a bit more too. To go those those shadow or dark places and do the work.

She is associated with the beginning of time and the creation of the landscape. She conjures up storms and gives us the weather we come to hate or love in winter. She then begins to welcome in a little light and fire, going gently with us, taking us in to the emergence of Spring. The torch gets passed to Brigid. This year will be especially meaningful as celebrate in style with a new bank holiday for the nation in February!!

In the meantime, if you would like to join me on a special New Moon Rest Friday on November 25th 7pm - 9pm IST register HERE.

The Cailleach will be there and we will make her welcome as we rest to rise and nourish ourselves.