High Summer and Vetiver Essential Oil

Brenda Rock
27 July 2021

Originating from India and Sri Lanka, the wonderful, earthy, pungent aromas from the Vetiver grass have many uses. The root is used to make the cooling and calming essential oil. In the fields, it is used to protect against erosion, pests and weeds. Vetiver is used widely in perfume too. Like patchouli and sandalwood essential oils, vetiver's odour develops and improves with aging. It is a distinct aroma, some love it or hate it. I love it! It reminds me of the ground or the earth after it has been tilled. Because of this it is a great oil to use for balance and keeping calm or centred.

Place 2 or 3 drops in your diffuser to invite a peaceful and grounding environment.

For the high summer days, 2 drops on a cold compress to the forehead may help reduce heat in the body. Have a rest doing it too!

And if you love the smell why not make a body spray that can be used as a room spray too - great for when you want to do your yoga or meditation as it helps cleanse and purify your space as well as keeping you grounded. The body spray is cooling and calming too. 2 drops Vetiver, 5 drops lavender in some rose water. I can smell it already!

While Vetiver is generally considered safe, all essential oils should be used with caution. Check out https://ifaroma.org/en_GB/home for more information.

Our friend of Ananda Centre, Ula Boyle, is a highly qualified Aromatherapist should you like to explore this wonderful therapy more.

Brenda Rock

I share Restorative, Hatha, Chair/Desk Yoga and Yoga Nidra as well as being a Yoga Therapist and eternal seeker. I would like people to know that they can take back control of their bodies and stop pain, stress, anxiety. I offer yoga therapy to help alleviate the body pain and other issues but I also help people to take responsibility for their own bodies, by giving them the tools to do exactly that. These tools can be sought through the practice of Yoga postures, movement, breath-work and meditation.