What is Restorative Yoga and why should I try it? (It's a bit punk rock!)

Brenda Rock

To rest is a form of radical action in a world of "busy glorification"

Restorative yoga is a yoga practice that is both relaxing and rejuvenating for the body and the mind. It involves the use of props including bolsters or blankets, yoga blocks or belts; allowing the body into a position of comfort and ease, remaining in the pose for up to 20 minutes. Restorative yoga works deeply with the nervous system. In our society today most of us are in ‘fight or flight mode’, constantly using our sympathetic nervous system. This constant stress has serious effects on the body, mind and emotions resulting in everything from exhaustion to autoimmune diseases. Restorative yoga allows us to work with our para-sympathetic nervous system, our ‘rest and digest’ side. It is a very suitable practice for beginners, anyone recovering from injuries and seasoned yogis alike.

🌟 The benefits of regular relaxation practice and restoring parasympathetic dominance include decreases in hypertension, improvements in sleep, immune and digestive function, decreased symptoms of chronic pain, decreased feelings of depression and anxiety, and benefits to our overall health. Isn’t this something we all could use more of?

🌟 What Restorative Yoga does - -Release and open muscles instead of stretching -Creates homeostasis and balance in the body energetically and physically -Creates calm in the mind and emotions -Supports in relaxation responce -Gives people permission to rest -Reduces adrenaline fatigue and over production of cortisol -Reduces stress

🌟 Why do Restorative Yoga -
Deeply Relaxing
Burn out
Reduced activity
Times of major life transition and events
Mental Health
Sleep Hygiene
Balancing body mind and spirit
A radical practice
Creatively stimulating

Join in one Sunday a month for the Sunday Rest Sesh with Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra 8.30pm IST

Details here of next offering - https://www.anandacentre.com/schedule

Brenda Rock