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Brenda Rock

Me, my Feet Up Headstand Trainer and menopause

So, when my head is not in the clouds, I like to be upside down!

I have started using my FeetUp trainer again after being away from it for a couple of years. Maybe a sign that Helena's acupuncture is really helping me on my Menopause odyssey along with some other life style changes I've been trying.

Here's where I am at en ce moment - Alcohol intake is down, coffee at the weekends, no meat and less sugar. Getting outside and walking for at least 30 minutes, a daily breath practice (10 minutes), making time for rest when I can and using weights for some strength building. All sounds like a full time job but it is more of a habit to incorporate it into everyday.  That and some herbs and vitamins. Oh and a small dose of estrogen 10mg -  vaginal inserts.

Menopausal vaginal symptoms like dryness and irritation can be relieved with this. 'Vaginal atrophy' is the medical term for this. A decrease in estrogen levels in your body is thought to be the cause at this time. Every two weeks from the full moon to new moon cycle I use a progesterone cream using Wild Yam. I have written a little bit more about Wild Yam cream in another blog post HERE. My mum's friend produces it in New Mexico, USA.

Back to the Feet Up - fancy getting one to practice some headstands?

It gives me a great boost of confidence using it - being upside down and getting a different perspective on life.

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This FeetUp trainer is suitable for anyone who wants to include a headstand in their yoga practice but injuries/fear has stopped them before.

Not suitable for absolute beginners, high blood pressure, eye issues or pregnancy...everyone else no excuse!

Learn, with the Feetup trainer, the many great and easy reversal postures. Your cervical spine and your neck will be spared making it suitable for those of us who have issues here.
After the warm-up exercises you will quickly get used to standing on your head.

You will be amazed what you can do with the FeetUp.

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Brenda Rock